Our Sports Teams

Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School C.Y.O. Sports

Our school is very active in the various C.Y.O. activities that take place for the students of our Board. At Sacred Heart Catholic Elementary School, we offer Junior to Intermediate students the opportunity to try out for many sports (volleyball, basketball, and new this year: badminton). We also train as a school and participate in the fall and spring Cross Country Meets at Marydale Camp. Each year, we enter a Track Team to participate regionally. In addition to CYO sports, we offer Intramurals per term, per division.

An important element of the C.Y.O. is the Crusader Athletic Program. Please take the time to read over the information below. Please also remember that participation in clubs and activities is a privilege, not a right, and therefore students that do not fulfill their responsibilities as students of our school may have their privileges removed.

The C.Y.O. extends a warm welcome to all parents who go to watch their young athletes in action. They also wish to inform the parents of the following points regarding the Crusader Athletic Program:

Athlete First, Winning Second
The above statement is the fundamental philosophy of the C.Y.O. Crusader Athletic Program. To ensure that we remain faithful to this philosophy, we attempt to guarantee the following rights to all of our athletes:
1. Right to participate in sport.
2. Right to participate at a level commensurate with each child’s maturity and ability.
3. Right to have qualified leadership.
4. Right to play as a child...and not as an adult.
5. Right of children to share in the leadership and decision making of their sport.
6. Right to participate in a safe and healthy environment.
7. Right to proper preparation for participation in sport.
8. Right to an equal opportunity to strive for success.
9. Right to be treated with dignity.
10. Right to have fun in sport.

The C.Y.O. appreciates the interest that parents show in their children’s games and it is their hope that you will continue to support and encourage your children and their teams. However, the C.Y.O. asks that spectators take note of the following:

1. Spectators may not yell instructions or criticism to the players.
2. Spectators may not make derogatory comments to players or spectators of the opposing team, officials or league administrators.
3. Parents may not interfere with their children's coach. They must be willing to relinquish the responsibility for their child to the coach for the period of the game.

The guiding principle for spectators: A spectator's behaviour should not detract from any child's enjoyment of the sport.



Individuals who engage in the above behaviours will be subject to immediate ejection from facility/property, Also, a further ban will be determined by agency staff.

The C.Y.O. will not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards players, officials or other spectators. We are committed to maintaining a safe and positive atmosphere in our programs.