Principal's Message

Principal's Message 2023 - 2024

Welcome to Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Elementary School! Sacred Heart of Jesus School was established in 1924. It was the very first Catholic Elementary School to be built on the mountain.

The basis of Catholic Education is to build and support an educational environment that promotes academic excellence, fosters spiritual growth and enables the proper emotional and physical development of children in an inclusive and equitable atmosphere of which Jesus Christ is the focal point. At Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Elementary School, we embody this philosophy, and the gospel message permeates our school curriculum and the school community.

We believe in providing children with a learning environment that not only espouses Gospel values, but is also completely inclusive and respectful to all students. A child’s development depends heavily on his or her positive experiences lived in our Catholic Schools. It is essential to provide programs tailored to the specific needs of children and a variety of learning opportunities in order to accommodate the many learning styles and life experiences of all children, so that they may reach their full potential. We believe in teaching students to think independently and rationally so that they may become responsible citizens, and life-long learners who display strong stewardship towards the earth, and who are champions of social justice.

Our wonderful staff strive for personal, spiritual and professional growth and believe in encouraging creativity and innovation in the classroom. In the midst of constant change, providing leadership and knowledge in curriculum planning and implementation is paramount. Effective motivation and encouragement within a collegial context, along with faith development, is always fostered.

At Sacred Heart of Jesus, our core values such as collaboration, communication, integrity and positivity are the backbone to our vibrant faith community. Our hope is that you will see and feel these values every time you walk through our doors.

Yours in Catholic Education,

Mr. Kevin Mielko