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Mission & Vision Statements

Mission, Vision and Values


The community of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Elementary School believes Sacred Heart students will have the opportunity to realize the fullness of humanity – spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally when:

• Gospel values and the teachings of the Catholic Church are modelled by all
• The learning environment is equitable and promotes academic excellence based on individual needs
• A positive relationship is developed among all the partners: the child, home, school, and parish
• Support is provided by parents, parish, community, and educators
• Each person feels welcomed, safe, included and a valued member of the Sacred Heart community
• Each person’s mental well being is supported and nurtured


The Sacred Heart of Jesus student will demonstrate:

• knowledge and practice of their Catholic faith
• independence, critical thinking, and effective problem solving skills
• the ability to influence society for the greater good reflective of the social teachings of the Church


At Sacred Heart of Jesus the staff and students will demonstrate the following values: welcoming, respectful, equitable, inclusive and caring.