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History of Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Elementary School

Sacred Heart of Jesus School traces its early beginnings back to a large, square house on Viewpoint Avenue. This house is currently located beside the Sacred Heart Church rectory building.

In the early 1900`s, the homes in this area of Hamilton Mountain were mainly summer homes. The Sisters of St. Joseph used this particular house where they ran an orphanage. Around 1915 they started using the building to conduct classes. The house was known as Mt. Carmel. Thus, Sacred Heart School has the distinction of being the first recognized Catholic school established on the mountain.

The first recorded teacher that taught at the early school at Mt. Carmel was a Ms. Mary Burns, who had an enrolment of 27 students. A Mrs. J. Quigley took over at some point and had an enrolment of 41 students in 1923.

In 1923-24 a two room, brick building was built and was called Sacred Heart School. As the decades passed, and the population continued to grow, several room additions were built onto the old 1924 section to accommodate more students.

In 2002, much of the original building and addition was demolished and replaced with a brand new building. Hence, we have an attractive school with 9 bright classrooms, learning commons, gymnasium, computer lab and book room.

The current enrolment of Sacred Heart School is 186 students. This school was built to accommodate 192 students. Presently, we are just a few students shy of reaching our capacity. At its peak in the 1950`s and 1960`s, the school enrollment topped 500 students. The current principal is Mr. K. Mielko

At Sacred Heart School, we Learn together, Play together and Pray together.